Simple Monte Carlo With Thrust

We have already shown before how to set up CUDA in both Windows and Linux environment and how to create a simple project. Today we will demonstrate how easy it »

Adding LaTeX Support in Ghost

In the previous post we described the process of adding nice syntax highlighting in Ghost blog. We are missing one more important step to make a truly mathematically friendly - »

Adding Comments

The short tutorial on how to add disqus comments to your Ghost blog: add comments. So far, my experience with Ghost blog is very positive. »

Syntax Highlighting in Ghost

Following our very first blog post of the previous iteration of this blog, we are going to discuss the way how to improve the code syntax highlighting.. this time in »

Fresh New Start

After few years of blogging in Wordpress I decided to move the blog into a new blogging platform - Ghost. It's fresh, clean and easy to use. Over the years »